Pompe à chaleur piscine INVERBOOST PBS

  • Meilleure combinaison de performances et de silence
  • Solution d’onduleur complète Inverboost fiable
  • Travail dynamique et intelligent, plus d’économie d’énergie
  • Fonctionnement jusqu’à une température ambiante de -12℃.
  • Fonctionnement ultra silencieux
  • Fonction Wi-Fi en option
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inverboost 095P PBS pool heat pumpDiscover our best-selling INVERBOOST PBS range in its new 2022 version. We have designed the range to offer the best possible quality/price ratio in the core range of the market: reversible heat pumps (hot/cold for heating from April to September). Its main advantages are based on great reliability, high efficiency (COP > 6), and extended warranties (Warranty: 2 Years For Whole Unit, 7 Years For Heat Exchanger And Compressor).The INVERBOOST PBS pool heat pump is designed for heating small and medium swimming pools (depending on the region, see below for how to size your heat pump). With a Performance Coefficient of up to 16, it has 60% energy saving against the traditional heat pump, guaranteeing efficient and economical heating.Its quality components ensure excellent heating performance and great reliability over time: high-efficiency Toshiba rotary compressor, double-spiral titanium exchanger, R32 refrigerant fluid (more efficient and ecological), …The INVERBOOST PBS Pool Heat Pump range is available in 8 powers from 7 kW to 30 kW.

Stylish Design

Durable ABS cabinet with graceful curves.
Unique rust-proof & UV-resistance
inverboost PBS pool heat pump

COP up to 16

60% energy saving against the traditional heat pumpcop

inverboost pbs pool heat pump


Control Your Pool Pump & Heater Via Your Phone From Anywhere In The World!

INVERBOOST PBS Pool Heat Pump is perfect for homeowners who want to control their backyard pool from their smartphone for convenience and cost savings.Once your pool heater has been installed, simply download our ALSAVO PRO App and you’ll be able to monitor, control, and manage your home pool equipment easily. 
PBS pool heat pump

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